Hello Web Books Combo Video Course by Tracy Osborn

Hello Web Books Combo Video Course


The complete Hello Web Books package! Includes all files and videos for Hello Web Design to teach you web design fundamentals, as well as the complete Hello Web App set to walk you through building a web app with Django.

Package contains:

  • 45 videos and screencasts — go through the book with the author, Tracy, introducing you to each chapter and walking you through each concept.
  • Hosted on the Podia platform so you can keep track of your progress.
  • The three eBooks in three formats each — the PDF (designed by Tracy), .ePub, and .mobi/Kindle.
  • The gorgeous paperback books — Optional add-on for $30 USD + shipping.

What's included?

Video Icon 42 videos File Icon 9 files


Hello Web App Files
Hello Web App (PDF)
7.75 MB
Hello Web App (ePub)
4.13 MB
Hello Web App (.mobi/Kindle)
9.15 MB
Hello Web App Videos
Getting Started
8 mins
Setting up your Templates
17 mins
Fun with Template Tags
25 mins
Adding Dynamic Data
19 mins
Displaying Dynamic Information in the Templates
12 mins
Setting up Individual Object Pages
10 mins
Forms.py Funsies
14 mins
Adding a Registration Page
17 mins
Associating Users with Objects
19 mins
Setting up Basic Browse Pages
12 mins
Quick Hits: 404 Pages, requirements.txt, and Testing
12 mins
Deploying your Web App
19 mins
Hello Web App: IC Files
Intermediate Concepts (PDF)
8.76 MB
Intermediate Concepts (ePub)
5.66 MB
Intermediate Concepts (.mobi/Kindle)
18.4 MB
Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts Videos
Creating a Contact Form and Working with Custom Forms
12 mins
Adding a New Model
13 mins
Adding Easy Admin Emails, Helpers, Sitemaps, and More
21 mins
Adding User-Uploaded Images
20 mins
Editing and Resizing Images
11 mins
Setting Up Django Messages for Alerts
4 mins
Front-End Fun: Adding Gulp, Sass, and Bootstrap
13 mins
Reading Source Code And Setting Up a Form to Edit User Email Addresses
9 mins
Adding Payments with Stripe
32 mins
Adding an API
13 mins
Working with Sessions
7 mins
Creating Your Own Scripts and a Bit About Cron Jobs
11 mins
Database Pitfalls
13 mins
Hello Web Design Files
6.49 MB
9.95 MB
25 MB
Hello Web Design Videos
2 mins
1.0. If You Only Read One Chapter, Make It This One
5 mins
2.1. Grid
10 mins
2.2. Color
15 mins
2.3. Typography
15 mins
2.4. White Space
9 mins
2.5. Layout and Hierarchy
8 mins
2.6. Content
10 mins
2.7. User Experience
9 mins
2.8. Images and Imagery
10 mins
2.9. Extra Tidbits
12 mins
3.1. Finding Inspiration
14 mins
3.2. Planning
3 mins
3.3. Prototypes
11 mins
3.4. Getting Feedback
7 mins
3.5. Coding Your Design
9 mins
4.0. Reassurances
5 mins

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